I do not use the term “hate” lightly. I think it’s abused in modern society. Sure, you hate your brother for drinking the last soda, but you would be bereft if something terrible happened to him. That’s how I define hate, i.e. if the subject of your hate was maimed or destroyed, it would bring you joy. With that in mind, I can say with great clarity that I hate, hate, hate, haaaaaate Comcast. If that company (and their slime twin Time Warner) folded today, I would piss on the grave, light the tombstone on fire, and sleep like a baby that night.

The reasons are abundant. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Comcast’s customer service is the stuff of nightmares. They could have a team of howler monkeys answering the helplines and it would be just as helpful. Talking to one of these mouth-breathers is an exercise in self-restraint. Specific questions get scripted answers from brain-dead idiots who aren’t qualified to run lemonade stands, let alone troubleshoot a router. And don’t get me started on the actual service the company provides (“service” used loosely). Tolerable at best, shitty on an average day, and downright useless more often than is acceptable. And of course, their status as a virtual monopoly allows them to bend customers over and shove whatever they want to up their poopers.

One and only one thing has forced me to continue to use their service: the Premier League. Every weekend I wake up with a smile on my face and look forward to a string of quality football. I cheer on my Red Devils (I support Manchester United) and boo those pesky Citizens (the Manchester City team is nicknamed The Citizens, I’m not hating on the Brits). But alas, NBC owns the US broadcast rights to the Premier League and it’s really difficult to watch the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) without a major cable subscription. Thus, I grit my teeth and suffer through Comcast’s piss poor “service” to support the chaps in red. I took a solemn vow that the second a reliable streaming option became available, I’m out.

My friends, that glorious day has come. Today, I can say with unmitigated glee that I am no longer a Comcast customer.

I discovered PlayStation Vue, a streaming service that features, you guessed it, NBCSN. It’s $39.99 a month, which also includes FS1 and FS2 (for the Champions League and Bundesliga). So what’s the catch? Quality sucks? Need to watch ads? Does the Sony CEO come by your house and drink all your beer? Nope, no catch. I’ve been using Vue for the last few weeks and it’s full HD quality. You also get unlimited DVR and a MUCH better interface. No more limited storage, interface lag, and shoddy controls. Hell, you don’t even need a PlayStation (although I would recommend it because the PS4 is a multimedia powerhouse). You can use PS Vue through Amazon Fire TV or IOS. The only limit is the quality of your Internet connection.

Funny enough, I’m not getting paid to say this (although I would happily accept a few bones, Sony). I’m just so damn happy to finally have a non-rubbish option to watch the EPL. And if Sony and their PlayStation Vue can help bring down the festering shit demons that are Comcast and Time Warner, then I will trumpet their awesomeness to the ends of the Earth.

Side note: there is also the option of Sling TV. They offer a similar service for even cheaper, but you need a peripheral device like Roku.

Are you a Premier League fan with cord-cutting aspirations? Your wait is over. Join me in the lands of better television, a beautiful place where the grass is green, the beer is cold, and Comcast is not allowed. Did I mention that you also get all the ESPN channels? Seriously, fuck Comcast. Fuck them right in the neck.

PlayStation Vue:  https://www.playstation.com/en-us/network/vue/

Sling TV:  https://www.sling.com

PRO TIP: One concern that was brought up to me is that a few games, like big derbies, are aired on the main NBC network. But, PS Vue limits the core networks as on-demand services. Fear not, you have options. (1) Don’t forget that by having NBCSN, you also have access to the NBC Sports App and NBC Sports Live. Simply log into either one with your PS Vue (or Sling TV) credentials and BAM, live stream. My preferred setup: NBC Sports App on my smartphone, send to TV via Chromecast. (2) Depending on where you live, you can also use a simple antenna to get the main networks for free. Easy breezy.

NBC Sports Live:  http://www.nbcsports.com/live